5 Ways to Burn More Calories on a Compact Treadmill

Outdoor running comes with a whole lot of added advantages when lined up against treadmill workouts. But thanks to the latest improvement on treadmill technology, there are solid tweaks and treadmill hacks that you can employ to make indoor running just as effective.

This is particularly the case for those aspiring to shed off the pounds in a healthy, sustainable manner. You don’t have to be gung-ho about outdoor running or risk running in the heat, rain, sleet or cold to burn calories. This article sheds some light on the five solid ways you can burn more calories on a compact treadmill and still achieve whatever weightless goal you had in mind.

Warm Up Before You Step on the Treadmill

Don’t just jump out of bed and hop straight on to your treadmill. As with any exercise, your body needs to be prepared for the task ahead. A little warm up is enough to lessen the straining muscle for an effective workout.

Whether it’s lunges, knee raises, bum flicks or simple jogging, take at least 5 minutes to set your body ready for the demands awaiting it. Do this and you’ll have less trouble calibrating to the right intensity once you set foot on your treadmill.

Increase the Running Duration

Simple logic demands that you run for a longer duration if you’re planning to burn more calories.

Let’s do some simple math. If you weigh, say, 150 pounds, running at 6 mph will see to it that you lose an upward of 330 calories (the number could be more or less depending on your weight).

Adding 15 minutes extra will increase the number of calories you burn by 165 calories bringing the number to a cool 495. The trick is to try and beat your previous workout duration, even if it’s by one minute. This is particularly important as the number of calories you burn will be dipping the more you continue losing weight.

Keep increasing your speed

Needless to say, running faster translates to a higher metabolism, which is a technical term implying that you’ll be burning more calories.

Not many people have the power to sustain a 6mph speed for an impressive duration. But that’s no excuse to start at anything lower. Whatever you do, don’t screw the pooch by running at a comfortable speed.

Whenever you feel like you’re at ease with the speed at which you’re running, take it a notch higher and try sustaining the speed for a while longer. Then slowly, drop it down as you try to ensure it does not fall below 4 mph.

Weight loss is all about intensity—increase your speed and you’ll rest assured be burning more calories.

Interval workout

This is a more advanced technique that you can apply to blow up the number of calories you burn even further.

One caveat—this routine will leave you totally beat. But you’d have burnt more calories in the process than you could have possibly imagined.

Here’s what you’re supposed to do:

  • Start by jogging for a minute or two.
  • After that, try increasing your speed to a sprint and afterwards sustaining it for at most 30 seconds.
  • Go back to your jogging speed and hold it for a minute or two again before repeating the routine.

The short sprinting bursts will significantly boost your metabolism and in the process help you burn an impressive amount of calories.

Add Weights

We are NOT talking pumping irons; but arm and ankle weights, attached on you as you’re trotting on the treadmill. Though you’ll need to keep the pace on a low, you’ll be building your muscles in the process and adding intensity to your workout to boot.

If you can still jog after attaching all these on your ankle and arm, consider holding dumbbells to increase the intensity even further.

The Wrap Up

Keep track of your treadmill workout and you’ll be able to approximate your caloric burn and attach deadlines to the weight loss goals you have.

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