Auwit AUW-500 Treadmill

Auwit AUW-500 hAuwit AUW-500as been designed for those who want to stay fit. You can use it no matter how old you are and what is your level of fitness. It also does not matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned customer. The machine has a powerful motor and an attractive frame and on both these you enjoy a lifetime warranty extended by the manufacturer. IT weighs 260 pounds and measures 24x50x22”.

The chief features of this device are

  • Reliability
  • Approachable Design
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Easy Assembly
  • Small Footprint
  • Simple Display
  • Sound System
  • Color
  • Model
  • Price


With a suspension system that can support up to 260 pounds, the machine is one of the most reliable treadmills available in the market at its price.

Approachable Design

Auwit AUW-500 is compact and easy to handle. Do not worry if you have not enough space as the machine has a fold-up design so you can store it easily.

If space is not an issue in your house, then you can allot it a permanent place in order to spare yourself the task of setting it up every time you use it. Its slimness adds to its overall sophistication level.

Energy Efficiency

Auwit AUW-500 consumes less energy in comparison to other treadmills in the same price range. If you think that using a treadmill will flare up your electricity bill, then this machine will change your notion.

Hassle-free Assembly

If you think that you have to take time out and set up the machine and then only you will be able to use it, you are wrong. You can assemble it just as effortlessly as you can fold it away. Even a child can set and fold it up.

Small Footprint

The small footprint of the Auwit AUW-500 allows you a secure grip and release of your feet. Even if this is your first machine, the small footprints enable you to go about it confidently.

Simple Display

The simple electronic display monitor at the top of the machine helps you check your progress conveniently. You can switch between the five available functions – Time, Distance, Scan, Speed and Calories.

These modes can be swapped by the click of a single motion. Thus, you can know how many miles you ran and for how long. It lets you learn the variation in your pace and also lets you measure how many calories you burnt. Moreover, you know your pulse rate and incline level during the exercise.

Sound Accompaniment

Are you wondering if this machine has a sound system that can enable music-accompanied workout? You will be extremely happy to know that it has built-in speakers and an additional input device that lets you play back music from MP3 players, smartphones, iphones and ipods.


The machine is available in two shades for the time being. You can go for either black or orange.


Auwit AUW-500 comes in two different models – the 600W model and the 1000W model.


The chief merit of the product is that it is inexpensive. With a price range $$$, this is one of the most affordable machines you can have.

Customer Reviews

The product has been rated overall 3.5 out of 5 on Amazon, although 40% of users have given it a five-star rating. Customers have stated in their reviews that this is a very good machine for beginners and for those who are already slim and fit and would like to retain their fitness.

At the same time, some of them have expressed their disappointment of not getting what they paid for. For instance, a few who are a little over 230 pounds have found the machine not working for them although the manufacturer claims that it can support up to 260 pounds.

Some of then suggest that people should spend a little more and go for a more reliable and stronger machine that they can use for a very long time.

The product has the following demerits

  • It is not for you if you are over-sized.
  • You cannot adjust the height of the incline.
  • You may find it slow and boring.
  • An awkward incline level.

The machine seems to fall short of all that it promises, but it has satisfied more customers than it has disappointed. If it fulfills all the criteria you have in your mind for selecting a treadmill, it may be just the right one for you probably at a much lower price than you are prepared to pay.

Auwit AUW-500 Series Electric Motorized Folding Treadmill

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