Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

TreadmillThe Confidence power plus motorized treadmill is designed for individuals who are in search of a reasonably priced fitness machine. It allows you to run and walk. This model can accommodate users who weigh a maximum of 250 pounds.

It is possible to burn about 900 calories in one session when you use the highest setting on this machine. It is a great choice if you are just starting to run or intend to lose additional pounds. The machine is only available in black and can be used by both men and women.



This model comes with a multi-function LED display that allows users to monitor their calories, time, distance, and speed while walking or running.

The LED screen is quite large and it gives users complete control of the settings. You can adjust the machine for a long run or turn it down when you want to enjoy some brisk walking. All this is possible with a simple button press.

Folding Design

This is one of the best aspects about this model. It is foldable and this makes it ideal if you have limited storage space in your home. You can simply fold it after use and store it away under a dresser or bed.

Gliding Wheels

You do not have to lift this model to transport it. It comes with gliding wheels that allow you to roll the machine to any part of your home.


This piece of equipment weighs about 50 pounds. It is lighter than most treadmills and this allows for easy transportation. You will find it easy to roll away after use.

Runaway Size

The runaway size is adequate and measures 38.5” x 14”. This size makes it easy to run or walk without falling from the treadmill.

Quiet Operation

The machine does not produce a lot of noise when in operation. This makes it easy for you to work out without interrupting other household members.

Removable Handlebars

You can choose to use the machine with or without its handlebars because they are removable.


It has a 600W motor, making it quite powerful. The horsepower on this model is about 1.5 HP. It will use about 110V in a few hours.


The speed ranges between 1 and 8 MPH. Users get to determine the specific speed they want for their workouts.

Easy Assembly

It will only take you a few minutes to assemble the Confidence power plus motorized electric treadmill.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy assembly
  • Saves on space
  • Budget friendly
  • Portable
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful motor
  • Multiple speeds
  • Removable handlebars
  • Large LED display

Customer Reviews

This treadmill model is one of the most affordable in the market. Its design is basic and its console is straightforward, making it a popular option for several fitness beginners.

Most users are pleased about the foldable design that allows them to use the machine even in small apartments. Its lightweight design is another aspect that has impressed users. It has received a 3.8 out of 5 stars rating on


  • Machine jerks because of belt movement but this is rare.
  • It cannot support users who weigh more than 250 pounds. This is a basic model and it is a great choice for those who are just starting out.
  • Handle bars are quite low but they are removable.
  • It lacks shock absorbers and this can strain a user’s joints. The model is not designed for fast running.


The Confidence power plus motorized electric treadmill is available for less than $200 on Amazon and this makes it a wonderful option for fitness enthusiasts who are on a budget. It does not come with advanced features and this means that you can only use it to get started.

You can also use it to ensure you keep up with your fitness routine on those days when it is difficult to go outdoors or attend gym sessions. This is one of the lightest models in the market and the inclusion of gliding wheels makes it even more convenient when you want to transport it.

This model comes almost fully assembled when you make a purchase and this means that it will only take you a few minutes to set it up for use. It is a quiet machine and it allows you to keep track of vital details while you run or walk. If you are in search of a simple model that will not take up too much space, this is a good choice.


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