The Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill

evolve treadmillThe Horizon Evolve SG is a motorized, award-winning treadmill sporting an ultra-compact, modern design.

It’s the treadmill to go for if your workout and storage space is limited. When folded, the treadmill is just 10 inches high, allowing for a convenient storage, but unfold it and you’ll have a whooping 17 x 45 inch workout space.

Flaunting a new design, the treadmill comes with unlimited capabilities, bringing optimum cardio workouts right into the comfort of your home.

We are kind of used to companies bluffing when they talk of compact. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Horizon. Their Evolve SG compact happens to be among the few foldable treadmills that you can fold after use, slip under the bed, and still have plenty of space left to store other things.

Key Features

No Assembly Required

The Horizon Evolve SG compacts come fully assembled. The only task you have is unfolding it, lubricating the belt and you’re set to go. You should be able to do all these in a minute or so. That’s what Horizon mean whenever they talk about no assembly required.

Display Console Design

One thing you’ll notice almost right off the bat about the Horizon SG compact is the titivated display console.

First the display doesn’t feature quick-select speed buttons as with many commercial treadmills in the market today. Don’t get it wrong, this has nothing to do with price, but the company’s effort to come up with something completely off the wall.

The running belt comes with a max speed of 6mph. As you may have noticed, majority of treadmill machines with the quick-select button have a maximum speed close to the double of that. Which is to say they have a time saving advantage.

But, with a more limited speed range, switching between speeds shouldn’t take time. Plus the design helps to keep the console simpler, leaving a lot of space for reading rack and built-in speakers.

Designed to give you the basic information you might need during your workout such as distance, speed and time, the LCD console also features a heart rate monitoring system for watching over your heart beat while exercising.

Preset Workout Programs

The number of preset workout programs featured on any treadmill with a higher belt speed and incline function play a very important role when it comes to determining whether or NOT a given machine suits specific fitness goals.

For instance, if you’re hoping to improve your endurance, simple logic demands that you settle for a treadmill with programs with higher intensity levels. The same can be said to those whose fitness goal is to lose weight.

It’s unfortunate that Horizon decided to limit their preset programs to only two—that is,weight loss and manual. Blame it on the low belt speed.

The good this is that the weight loss program follows the speed profile we just mentioned above. Meaning if your fitness goal is to build endurance or lose weight, this treadmill might help you achieve that despite featuring only two preset workout programs.

Transportation and Stability

The treadmill has transport wheels attached to its front. Not to mention the pivot point that makes it possible to store it vertically, resting on rubber feet that allows you to choose if you’re going to leave it standing or slide it under bed.

If you choose to leave it standing, use the lifting bar to get the running deck in position, such that the stabilizer bracket at the front will be offering the much needed stability.


Another striking feature worth mentioning is the safety key attached one end to the console and the other end to the item of your clothing for safety measures.

This way, your safety is guaranteed. Meaning you’re less likely to trip over or fall. The key is also designed to detach automatically from the console, thus bringing the motion of the running belt mechanically to a stop.

Other Features

  • 10 year warranty on the sturdy frame. 5 year on the motor, and 1 year on its parts and labor.
  • 2-watts built-in speakers with input jacks that you could use to pluck in your portable music players.
  • Can accommodate a maximum weight of 250lbs.
  • Boasts a 1.5 horsepower motor that can cruise up to 6mph.
  • Displays time, calories, speed and distance.
  • Sleek, modern design.
  • Comes with a running area of 17 x 45 inches.

The Good

No Assembly

As we mentioned earlier, easy assembly in Horizon’s language means NO assembly at all. Buy the machine and have it arrive in your home fully set and ready for use.


Being a foldable machine that requires NO skill or strength to fold, it’s extremely simple to pack out your treadmill and store it anywhere you prefer without feeling like there’s something congesting your house

Great for Beginners

There’s nothing complex about the treadmill. It’s the machine to go for if this is your first time working out, and you’re out looking for something completely intuitive and easy to use.

Relatively Cheap

At a time when any good treadmill fetches an upward of $1000, the evolve SG will only rob you $600 if you’re planning to own one. Taking durability and all the features under its belt in consideration, the $600 price tags isn’t exactly what anyone should consider expensive for a treadmill of its caliber.

The Bad


The 1.25 CPH motor can’t produce enough power to favor serious athletes. Which is to say the 6mph top speed is only great for slow running and light jogging—not sprinting.

Track Size

The 17 x 45 inch tread-belt only works for those on the short side of the spectrum. If you’re taller, then you’d want something a little bigger than that.

Preset Programs

Arriving with only two preset workout programs, this was a huge disappointment as far as entertainment and motivation is concerned.

Word on the Street

Users love the treadmill for portability and the fact that it comes fully set and ready for use. A great majority find it convenient if you’re always on the go and are looking for a machine to always bring with you during your peripatetic endeavours.

A good number find it substandard, given the plain console and weak motor. They therefore only recommend it to people with limited storage space or those looking for something more portable.

The Wrap Up

If Horizon’s primary intentions were to corner the market for a given fitness group—those looking for a portable machine or those with limited storage space, then we are pleased to inform them that they actually achieved their goal.

Overall, the Evolve Compact Treadmill is an excellent choice of treadmill, but it’s certainly NOT suited for all users.

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