How To Stay Motivated And Prevent Boredom On A Treadmill

With the weather getting colder and the sun setting earlier, the only option left for many people is to log a couple of miles on the treadmill or risk freezing outside. And while there are a lot of ways you can spice up your running routine, what exactly should the people getting their cardio on the human hamster wheel do to prevent their workout from going stale?

Read on to find out:

Adjust the gradient

Newer treadmills are advanced in such a way that it’s now possible to adjust the gradient to vary the terrain and create some fun around your workout.

This is particularly important if you wish to break the monotony that comes with running on a flat course all through. Simply press the incline button, and your machine will adjust to make it appear like you’re running uphill or up a steep mountain.

One advantage this type of treadmill has over running is that it puts you in control of the gradient you’re running on. If the gradient feels too steep, you can take it a notch lower or have it adjusted accordingly.

Create a New Playlist

For the sake of stating the obvious, there are a lot of ways music can make your treadmill work out more enjoyable.

The best way to plan your playlist is to start with slow-paced jams or joints with low bpm, followed by some upbeat songs and lastly, high tempo music. Or quite simply let your playlist start with genres such as jazz, folk, neo-soul, or indie pop, followed by mid-tempo genres such as reggae, pop, R&B, soft rock, or hip-hop and lastly, high-tempo music such as death-metal, house, funk, hard-core hip-hop, or techno.

Get an exercise Buddy

If you can afford it, get a second treadmill and an exercise buddy to offer you the motivation you need to push it to the hilt.

Besides driving your thoughts off the routine, an exercise buddy will make you keep exercising when you feel like giving up or calling it a day before you’ve even hit your target.

For those who can’t afford an extra pair of treadmill, the trick is to find a friend you can talk to via a mobile phone while exercising. The friend could be exercising, too or just someone you can talk to while exercising, and more importantly one who can talk you out of quitting when the temptation to gets so intense.

Set a Target

Never step on a treadmill without a target. We are not talking about maintaining the same pace for a particular period of time. Instead, try setting up different times that you’ll have to beat after covering certain distances.

For instance, make yourself run a particular incline for 10 minutes or so, then alter it and set some time for it, and maybe go back to the first incline and try beating it. This should help you work harder and make the most out of the workout routine.


Use a Heart rate Monitor to track your heart rate

Do some math and come up with target heart rates that you’re supposed to hit after a particular length of time. This should be done according to your personal fitness goal and resting heart rate.

Your eye should be glued on the monitor all along. Besides providing you with a goal to shoot, this should provide you with something concrete to focus on other than the treadmill routine.

Staying motivated ought to be the hardest part of any routine. A treadmill just takes the boredom a whole new level, making quitting so tempting. The above tips should help you stay motivated and puff out the intensity for tougher workouts.

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