Phoenix 98510 Easy Up Manual Treadmill

Phoenix98510The Phoenix 98510 easy up manual treadmill applies a unique concept that requires users to power up its belt to allow you to get efficient jogging and walking results. This model stands out from other options because it does not feature an electric motor. The inclusion of motors tends to make treadmills heavier and more expensive.

It comes with a 90 day warranty for its parts and a year warranty on its frame. This machine can accommodate users who weigh a maximum of 250lbs. The model is not recommended if you weigh more than this and there is no guarantee that it will work as required if you try. Users get a water bottle as a bonus when they purchase the model.

Heavy-Duty Flywheel

One of the most interesting features on this model is its heavy-duty flywheel. It is designed to respond to the specific speed you choose to jog or run.

Sturdy Belt

There is a sturdy belt on the machine and this makes it self-powered. You will have to hold on to its handles and ensure you walk in a fluid motion for the treadmill to work.

The belt is already pre-adjusted when you purchase the machine. The belt spins fast when you increase your speed. This means that you have the ability to determine the exact speed you are comfortable with.

Phoenix 98510


It is a manual model but it still applies some technology. The machine comes with an electronic display that has a single button.

This display comes in handy because you can easily track your calories, time, distance, and speed. It uses two AA batteries to function. The model comes with the batteries but you will have to replace them with time.

Folding Design

Another impressive feature is a spring loaded pull in that allows you to fold the machine and lock it. This makes it easy to store the machine in a garage or closet when not in use.

The pin will secure the machine in an upright position, allowing you to store it in small spaces. It is also easy to release the machine when you need it.

Walking Surface

The walking surface measures 41” x 13” and this gives you adequate space to run and jog.

Quiet Operation

You do not have to worry about loud noise when running or jogging on this treadmill because of the inclusion of the heavy-duty flywheel. Its flywheel allows quiet operation.

Limited Assembly

The machine is almost fully set up when it is delivered to you and this means there is very little required to ensure it is ready for use.


It weighs less than 50 pounds, making it easy to move it around the house.


  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight
  • Folding design
  • Affordable
  • Limited assembly
  • Simple display

Customer Reviews

Several customers are impressed by the spin loaded pin that allows them to secure their machines in upright positions. This feature has made the model a popular option among people who live in small homes.

Its simple console and ability to track vital workout details is another reason why this machine is sought after. Customers also enjoy its sturdiness and the efficient rollers. It has been rated 3.9 out of 5 stars on


  • Its self-powered design is not suitable for everyone. This model is designed for fitness enthusiasts who want to use up a lot more energy in their workouts and this is why it does not come up with an electric motor.
  • Belt sticks but this usually happens when a user starts out. The belt runs smoothly once you have learned how to control the speed.


If you want a simple exercise machine that will make you work hard, the Phoenix 98510 easy up manual treadmill is one of the best options. You will get more out of your workouts with this machine.

It does not feature a motor and you will realize that your leg and gluteus muscles work extra hard to keep the belt running. This affordable machine comes with the basic features you require in a treadmill. Its simple console makes it easy to keep an eye on the distance you have covered and calories used within a specific period.

One of its best attributes is that it puts you in full control when it comes to speed. It may not be the best option for older users who suffer from mobility or heart problems but if you are in search of an intense workout, it works well.


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