ProForm Hybrid Elliptical Trainer

ProForm Hybrid EllipticalThe ProForm Hybrid Trainer is a solid fusion of an elliptical machine and recumbent bike, put together to offer variety, comfort and low-impact cardio.

The twofer is meant to make your workout more interesting besides increasing your workout options, so you can commit long-term to your fitness routine.

It features over-sized adjustable pedals and upper-body workout arms, and offers full-body elliptical training that you can use to work every part of your body and make the best out of your training.


The new 2016 version of the hybrid trainer arrives with a few changes including a slightly heavier flywheel weighing 13 pounds (from 12.4 pounds) and a functional console. Its design is even sleeker and more modern when compared to its predecessor.

It spots 16 resistance levels and a 15-inch non-adjustable elliptical stride, as well as 16 built-in workout programs encompassing both manual and interval training programs.

The console comes equipped with a basic LCD screen and a power watts’ meter that you can use to know the pacing and adjust accordingly.

The console itself is iFit Bluetooth enabled, and can therefore be integrated with a tablet or iPod placed on the extra wide tablet holder.

Adjustable features spotted on the model include oversized, adjustable pedals, an adjustable console, and an adjustable seat. Though the trainer has a fairly small screen and doesn’t feature some basic amenities that you’d expect to see on the console, its low pricing and 5-Year Warranty makes it a bang for the value.


  • It’s a twofer, a 2-in-one trainer that can be transformed from a recumbent to an elliptical trainer and back in 3 simple steps.
  • It has an extra-wide, well-integrated tablet holder that you can use to place your device safely and at an eye level for an easy reach while working out.
  • Its console is iFit Bluetooth enabled to provide you with an endless supply of workout gen and workouts routines designed by two renowned TV trainers, Chris and Heidi Powell.
  • It has a durable steel frame that makes it sturdy and safe to use.
  • Its price is hard to beat. Considering the user gets two essential pieces at the price of one.
  • The larger, adjustable foot pedals are designed to offer comfort, traction and joint support.
  • The watts’ power meter briefs the user of the pacing so they can adjust and be able to meet their weight loss goal.
  • It comes with 16 built-in work out applications, designed by a proficient personal trainer and which you can use to customize your workouts.
  • It’s built with a silent magnetic technology that makes it quiet and incredibly smooth. This makes it an appropriate trainer for home use and multi-tasking.
  • The transport wheels make it a breeze to move the machine around.
  • The chair-like recumbent seat is designed to offer the trainer a cushioned back support.
  • The RPM meter displays your revolutions per minute (RPM) right on the screen to help you calibrate your workouts accordingly.


  • At such a time when other ProForms are offering lifetime warranties on their product’s frame, this model offers a measly 5-year warranty on its frame and 90 days on its parts and labour.
  • You have to subscribe with iFit to use the service.
  • Its console lacks some of the basic amenities such as a built-in fan.
  • The machine doesn’t come with in-handle incline controls.
  • Not a machine for you if your apartment has limited space; it can’t be folded and stored as with many other recumbent bikes.
  • It has a shorter, non-adjustable stride. This makes it difficult to a target a specific muscle group.

Customer Reviews

From the compendium of reviews users have been publishing online on various platforms, the trainer is an incredibly good value for its price.

Majority of users love it because it can be converted from an elliptical to bike in 3 easy steps. The steps are straightforward and only take a few minutes to put the machine together.

The set up process has garnered a lot of mixed reviews. While some users think the assembly process is adequate, a few find it a somewhat confusing, given the time it took to get the machine up and running was considerably longer than they had expected.

The Wrap Up

The ProForm hybrid trainer is a versatile budget-friendly piece of equipment that’s reasonably durable and soundless. The changes made on the 2016 model makes the machine even better.

Its console is more attractive, easy to use and spots a series of features that make the machine a high-end product, albeit its price still falls in the same spectrum as many mid-range trainers.

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