Sunny Air Walk Trainer

Sunny Air Walk-TrainerSunny air walk trainer is an awesome machine that is available for exercise. The most adorable aspect of this machine is that it is very much budget friendly and also it can help you in going through workout with much lesser impact. It is a kind of machine that is similar with the elliptical machine.

It is true that the incline levels and also resistance that is associated with many of the air walker is not possible to be changed but still it is a good option for you to improve the fitness of the cardiovascular system. This is the kind of the machine that is much suitable for the people who are starting to do exercise.

It is also much useful for exercisers who do intermediate levels of workouts. It can help in adding much variety to the regular exercise regimen of the individual. The air walker needs you to use both the lower and also upper body for it and also it may need you to even have slightest twist to midsection The machine is capable of providing a workout for the whole body.

This is a cool exercise machine that not only tones the body but also can reduce much amount of calories. It can help you in benefitting from various kinds of exercises of weight bearing which include bone strengthening that can also help in the prevention of osteoporosis.


It is one among the popular air walkers that are there in the market and can be really much satisfied by the individuals who are using it. The machine can weight to about 37 pounds and also need some space of about 28 inches for you to keep it in your home. It can be carried from one place to another as it is of much less weight and it is designed for catering the requirements of the people who have much less amount of space.

The machine is really quiet and also smooth. There is no possibility for the machine to produce excess amount of noise and also jerky movements in that. This is something that can make this machine a perfect one for the home as none in the home is going to be disturbed by the usage of this machine and also doing the workouts that you want to do.


The sunny air walker is the machines which need you to never leave pedals while using it. This machine helps you in doing exercise without actually putting your body to much stress.

It is the machine that is much stronger and it is the one which is made with the materials of high quality. The machine is also much convenient and also compact for you to use. The price of the machine is another factor that can make you choose it for your workouts in home.


There are quite few cons with this machine. The abdominal pad that has come with the machine is found to be a hindrance while working on it. The warranty of the machine is only for about 30 days which is another drawback in buying it.

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