Sunny Health Fitness Twister Stepper

Sunny Health Fitness-Twister StepperAs a fitness fanatic who can’t stand going to busy and congested gyms I always love to find new home workout equipment and machinery that I can review and share with likeminded people! That is why I have decided to do a breakdown of a product I recently found and have really enjoyed exercising on the Sunny Health Fitness Twister Stepper.

Now if I’m being honest it was my wife who introduced me to the Twister Stepper as I think she was getting quite sick of my fitness gear hogging all our living space. But here goes!

Solid & Compact Design

I inadvertently already touched on my first point, the stepper is a compact little unit that you can easily move and stow away when needs be to save space. I’m not sure of its exact dimensions other than it is just over feet size because that’s what it is a stepping machine but it does weigh in at 250lbs. You’ll also be hard pressed to break it thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction.

Working Out

The premise of the stepper is simple…you step, so it is a cardiovascular workout. But I was pleasantly surprised to find there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. For starters the resistance is adjustable so you can challenge yourself, the exercise bands also make for an all over body workout and there’s even an LCD display that tracks all those interesting figures like calories burned.

My father always said walking is the best exercise and I think this would be ideal for people who struggle to meet their suggested daily steps. So now there’s no excuse thanks to the stepper.


There is no motor or anything scary involved with this gear, instead it is all resistance based. It’s best to look at it as a mini cross-trainer of sorts. But increasing the resistance sure does make you feel it in your thighs and bum and you can up the resistance accordingly to your level. I looked at the resistance almost like adjusting the incline, as it is upped it feels more like you are working hard to get up a hill.

Exercise Bands

The arm bands provide you with the opportunity to get your upper body going as well as working your legs. The great thing about this is that it helps to keep your heart rate up and thus burn more calories. I tend to focus on arm curls but literally any arm movement is at your disposal.

LCD Display

I feel I should touch on the LCD display, as I was actually impressed it had one! The screen is located between the two pedals and this gives you a clear view of your progress and I had no issue in reading the display either.

It is a great feature and as a result of it showing workout duration, rep count, calories burned and total count, it means you can record and track your progress. So you can challenge yourself to match or beat previous workouts.

Simple Assembly

The stepper comes in six easy to assemble pieces that only took me a couple of minutes to piece together. There were no unnecessarily complicated instructions and an image perfectly set out what needed to go where.

Space Saving

I initially touched on its size at the start of my review and it is a great product if space is at a premium in your home. Often a lot of home workout machines are very bulky and almost become an unsightly ornament in your home.

The stepper on the other hand is a lightweight and convenient tool that you can freely move around, whether you want to workout in front of your favourite show or pop it away in a cupboard when you have guests.


It is always important to consider gym equipment’s safety when it is for home use. That being said any risk is very minimal with the stepper, the footplates are slip-resistant and the solidness of its construction means you never feel you are going to come to any harm. You can also just stop stepping immediately if needs be.


If you have ever had a treadmill in your home then you will know it’s like a train running through your house. The stepper on the other had is all but silent, your feet remain in constant contact with the plates so there is no slapping noise of foot hitting surface or anything like that.


The Sunny Health Fitness Twister Stepper was a welcome surprise in my home and it is a piece of gym equipment that I feel would benefit people of all ages; from those looking to tone up their legs and things, to people looking to build up cardiovascular stamina and even for elderly people wanting to stay active.

Sunny Health Fitness Twister-Stepper

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